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May 04
New drummer found
Our drum auditions have come to an end, and we can say that we’ve found ourselves a new friend! We’d like to thank all drummers who participated the auditions, but there can be only one!

March 20
Recordings continue!
Our man on the bass guitar Michel Steenbekkers started to record his low tunes for our new album. Ok, we’re not jumping the gun, but we can say that we and our studio Split Second Sound are more than happy with the recordings so far! After this weekend drums, all rhythm guitars and bass should be taped.

October 30
Recordings for our new album have begun!
Today we have started recording drums for our new album. We have again teamed up with Split Second Sound for this production, just like we did with For Moments Never Done.

July 12
New snippet!
Snippet number 5 can be seen in the gallery and on our YouTube channel.

June 13
New songs captured on Demo!
New songs have been written and captured on a home demo recording. When all is finished we are heading towards the studio!
Some snippets have been made to give you all a tiny peek under the curtain to see what we are doing at the moment.

April 25
Cirrha Niva on Haunted Sky!
We can announce that we will be playing at the Haunted Sky progressive festival in Paradox, Tilburg on the 8th of November.
In the meantime we will focus on our demo and take it to the studio.

April 11
Again some RamRock pics added!
Thanks to Renee Brunnekreef who shot some nice ones during the RamRock gig, just follow the lead below.

March 22
RamRock 2014 Pics & vid added!
Click on Nath below and see some images shot by Marcel Klaster and Ingeborg Steenhorst on our Pinterest page. The video was shot from the audience by RamonaNL.

March 14 14
Carlo’s 10th anniversay!
This This week we celebrate Carlo's 10th ann. as guitarist of Cirrha Niva. And what's a better way then to seal it with a gig: RamRock tomorrow!!

March 14
Tomorrow we will play at the RamRock Festival in Almelo. This gig will be the debut of our drummer Nathaneal and bass player Michel, who both joined Cirrha Niva early 2013.

We will play two out of the nine new songs we have planned to record for our next album. Our friend Robin de Groot (Chiraw) will join the stage with us, not only will he sing on our track The Fooling but we also have some other vocal duties planned.

March 09
Up & running
After some time of technical difficulties with our website its up and running again. Glad you all stayed with us and found us on FB in the meantime-)

May 04
Thin Lizzy Tribute
Just some Cirrha Niva related news:

Legrand and Rob are teaming up with 3 fellow Lizzy-Lovers to lay down a one time only show as a Thin Lizzy Tribute...
This one-off show will be at the Friends of Rock festival in Den Bosch on December 22nd.

November 30
Acoustic gigs ahead, supporting Devon Graves.
We will support Psychotic Waltz singer Devon Graves on some acoustic gigs  early 2013. Needs no saying that we will of course also perform with an  acoustic set. The first confirmed date is scheduled on March 3, venue W2 in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Holland! More info will follow asap.

October 06
CD review on Your Music Blog...3 years after-)
Quote: “A shame I did not pick this up earlier!”
Click on the image to read the full review.

June 23
Review in Aardschok Magazine
Quote: “Excellent, like we are used of Cirrha Niva”
Click on the image to read Metal Mike’s full review.

June 08
Pics 013
Some nice pics from our gig with Evanescence in 013, Tilburg (NL) can be found here!

May 17
Cirrha Niva supporting Evanescence!!
Proud to announce that we will support Evanescence at their sold-out Tilburg show, the 5th of June at that great venue 013.

April 21
Writing new songs in our new rehearsal room 
A tiny blog.

March 25
Cirrha Niva on Pinterest
We just stepped into Pinterest. Here you can easily find all pics from 2011 and all album & live reviews. We will add more later of course. 

December 04
New Brainstorm pictures.
New pictures from our Brainstorm gig are now online, you can follow this link or see all albums here.

November 07
Brainstorm pictures to see.
Some pictures from our Brainstorm gig are now online, you can follow this link or see all albums here.

This was probably your last chance to see us in 2011. We will totally focus ourselves on writing new songs for the For Moments follow-up. Needless to say that if the opportunity to hit the stage comes along we will take it.

November 03
‘For Moments Never Done’ review from Dante Blog USA.
We are proud of this one...
Quote: Cirrha Niva is an experienced, professional prog-metal band with two phenomenal guitarists and a lead singer with a voice from another world. Their music reflects their professionalism, their arrangements are well-balanced, their recording near flawless, and their understanding of their ability to present each song with heart and spirit is inspiring.”

You can read the complete review here.

October 10
New pic
Bandpic by Ingeborg Steenhorst
October 9 9
10th Anniversary Liaison De La Morte
Ten years ago on October 31, 2001 we released our concept Rock Opera album “Liaison De La Morte”. For those who still haven’t got the original CD we have got it available for a very, very cool price in our webshop.
September 12
Cirrha Niva live on Elsrock reviews online (Pt.3)
Live review on Metalfan.
Quote: “Cirrha Niva the 1st highlight of Elsrock.”

September 8
Cirrha Niva live on Elsrock reviews online (Pt.2)
Live review on Metal-Exposure.
Quote: “The show of today may be the best one I’ve seen until now.”

September 2
Cirrha Niva live on Elsrock reviews online
Live reviews written by Lords Of Metal and Livereviewer can be read now.
Quote: “Elsrock did a good thing in booking Cirrha Niva. What a sound.”
Quote: “Cirrha Niva set the bar high for the rest of the coming bands.”

August 29
Elsrock pics to show!
We had a blast on the Elsrock festival this weekend! You can watch great pics from some great photo- graphers here, you can read a short blog written by Rob here and as soon there are reviews written this link will be active also. We thank the festival for their perfectly organized event and friendly crew.

July 22
New live review from Lords of Metal
Read the Dokk’em Open Air review here.

July 10
Pics from Tattoofest shot by Stefan Schipper
Famous photographer Stefan Schipper has taken some cool pics during our Tattoofest gig, check ‘em out!

July 04
Pics from the Hobnob Festival 2011, Dokk’em Open Air and a German review from gig in Switserland.

In our Photo Gallery you can find pictures from our most recent gig on the Hobnob Festival in Almelo (NL). Furthermore we received very cool new pics from Renee van der Ster, she shot us during the Dokk’em Open Air Festival.
We also received a review from our gig in venue Z7, Switserland. This
review is written in German by Metal Factory, and here a quote in English: Never before left a band such an unforgettable impression.”

June 30
Review from the Dynamo gig on MarioMetalMania
”This band is gonna be big in the progmetal scene!” Read here.

June 27
Review in Dutch Hardrock & Metal magazine Aardschok
Short but sweet: Cirrha Niva is making some new fans at the moment. Quite rightly. This band played a professional and energetic show.

June 19
Metalkrant & Dutch Distortion review
Two new review quotes from our gig at the Dokk’em Open Air Festival.
Metalkrant: "Cirrha Niva played an awesome Prog-set."
Dutch Distortion: "Great melodic metal in Dream Theater style."

New pics shot by Dutch Distortion can be seen here.

June 11
New Dokk’em Open Air pics
Jeanny Petrocchi shooting for Metalphoto has captured Cirrha Niva during one of their most energetic performances this year: the Dokk’em Open Air festival.

June 08
Dokkem Open Air review
”Great songs from a marvelous band!” This is a quote from the live review written by See for yourself.

June 03
Dokk’em Open Air pictures & new Tour reviews
We have received some very cool new pics that were shot during our performance on the perfectly organized Dokk’em Open Air 2011.

Some of the photographers are Bert Treep shooting for new-frontiers, another Bert shooting for Metalshots and Peter from Just click on the image to see the pics, or follow this link to our Gallery.

We also got new reviews from some of the Tour dates, you can read them here.

May 25
Boerderij, Zoetermeer (NL) review!
”I know for sure that I like to see Cirrha Niva again and again.”
Written by Hans Clijnk for You can read the complete review in English and German

May 23
Dynamo review in Aardschok latest issue!
”Cirrha Niva convinced the audience”, according to Aardschok’s Andre Verhuysen. You can now read the review (Dutch language) here
May 23
Pictures from Turoch in Essen, Germany
And again some picture update. Photos made by Jorg Litges are now online, you can check them here in our European Tour Album. Or you can go to

May 22
Switzerland pictures from Z7 in Pratteln
Pics made by Daniel Strub taken during our Switzerland gig are now viewable here.

May 21
Tour report with many Behind the Scene pics online
In our weblog you can read a personal review of guitarist Rob along with some Behind The Scene pictures. Hope you enjoy!

After lots of emails, phone calls and text messages Cirrha Nivas part in Crimson Glory’s European Tour was a fact! And now, when it’s finished there is so much to share with you all that I could spent a whole week writing a tour report and after putting it live I would still feel the urge to add more details, anecdotes and pics. READ MORE

May 16
New Cirrha Niva pics online
Pictures from the last gig of the tour: Rondpunt26 in Genk (Belgium) are now online. You can find them here.
The new pictures are shot by and, you can also watch them there.

May 13
Cirrha Niva confirmed for HobNob Festival 2011
The European Tour with Crimson Glory must have done some good, ‘cos at the very last minute Cirrha Niva is added to the line-up of the HobNob Festival 2011. The Festival is being held in Almelo (NL) on July 2. Cirrha Niva is added to bands as Chiraw, Heideroosjes, Vanderbuyst & Bertolf.

May 12
New Cirrha Niva pics online
Many pictures taken during our last tour can now be found through our gallery page. We thank Marc Koetse, Hans Clijnk, Eugene Straver, Marcel Klaster, Metalshots-Bert, Jeanny Petrocchi and last but not least the very special Cristel Brouwer for their pics.

May 1
First review (in Dutch) + live photos of Cirha Niva’s tour with Crimson Glory & Triosphere can be found on:
Cirrha Niva
dat het spits mag afbijten, is al weer een flink aantal jaartjes bezig. Zij brengen een prima show,  waarbij vooral zanger Legrand de show more

Live pictures Cirrha Niva, Boerderij, Zoetermeer 28-04-2011

Live pictures Cirrha Niva, Dynamo, Eindhoven 27-04-2011

April 30
Live video footage CN Crimson Glory Tour online!
Check out live footage from the gig @ Dynamo, Eindhoven (NL) filmed by firephilosopher metalpage. It is great touring together. Thanks to all of you who have come to see us so far and hope to see many of you on tour as well!

April 14
Cirrha Niva joins Crimson Glory on their complete  25th Ann. Tour!
We are happy to announce that Cirrha Niva will be part of the complete European Crimson Glory 25th Anniversary Tour! We will support Crimson Glory and Triosphere on every clubshow in April and May 2011.

Read the official Press announcement here!

April 02
Cirrha Niva confirmed for Kaderock
Cirrha Niva will perform on Kaderock on June 11 in the city of Den Haag. Other confirmed bands are Peter Pan Speedrock, Kong, Rosie and many others.

March 28
Legrand featuring on new Chiraw album
Cirrha Niva’s vocalist Legrand can be heard on Chiraw’s new cd "Scarecrows & Lullabies". Legrand and his brother Robin (vocalist of Chiraw)  are teaming-up on the last track of the album, a semi ballad called "All I needed".

The first time the two bro’s sang together was captured on Cirrha Niva’s “For Moments Never Done” in a song called “The Fooling”. Legrand now returned the favor:-)

"Scarecrows & Lullabies" will hit the stores in april, but it’s possible to buy directly via the band...Check their facebook.

March 02
Cirrha Niva confirmed for Dutch festivals
After having Tattoofest and the prestige Elsrock festival confirmed last week, we are now happy to announce that we will also perform at the Dokk’em Open Air festival in Bornwird (near Dokkum) and the Brainstorm festival held in venue Gigant in the city of Apeldoorn.

February 25
Cirrha Niva confirmed for Elsrock 2011
Cirrha Niva will play on Elsrock metal festival that is being held on August 27 in Rijssen (NL). Cirrha Niva is one of the 16 performing bands, among it are Nuclear Assault, Hollenthon and our friends of Chiraw.

February 10, 2011
Supporting Crimson Glory in Essen
Besides the already confirmed Dutch shows, Cirrha Niva will also be supporting Crimson Glory in Essen during their 25th. Anniversary Tour.

February 06, 2011
Red Rock Bookings

Cirrha Niva shows in The Netherlands and Germany will be booked by the German booking agency Red Rock in cooperation with Intromental Management & Bookings.

December 03, 2010
Cirrha Niva joins Crimson Glory on tour!
Cirrha Niva is joining Crimson Glory, the Kings of progressive metal, on there 25th anniversary tour 2011!!

Here are the dates of the complete Crimson Glory tour:

27. April 2011 - Eindhoven, Netherlands - Dynamo
28. April 2011 - Zoetermeer, Netherlands - Boerderij
29. April 2011 - Enschede, Netherlands - Atak
30. April 2011 - Lauda/Konigshofen, Germany - Keep It True
02. May 2011 - Pratteln, Switzerland - Konzertfabrik Z7
03. May 2011 - Milan, Italy - Alcatraz
04. May 2011 - Memmingen, Germany - Kaminwerk
06. May 2011 - Haugesund, Norway - Karmøygeddon
07. May 2011 - Essen, Germany - Turock
08. May 2011 - Genk, Belgium - Rondpunt 26
15. June 2011 - Balingen, Germany - Bang Your Head

So far we are doing all the Dutch shows and are tremendously proud and honored to do so.

November 02, 2010
CD “For Moments Never Done” available in Midprice!
Our latest CD is as of today available at Midprice. In our webshop you can get in for only € 9,99. We also reduced some other ‘For Moments Never Done” merch in price. Check it out people...Santa’s coming.

October 27, 2010
Review on USA
Here’s a cool quote from the “For Moments Never Done” review on the American webzine USA Progmusic: “Tracks which stylistically evoke Dream Theater, Ayreon and Pain of Salvation.” The rating they gave the album is 8,5 out of 10! You can read the review here.

October 12, 2010
First 2011 festival gig confirmed!
Cirrha Niva is confirmed to play Huginns Awakening Fest 3 on Saturday April 9th 2011. The festival will take place at Hangar 1 Oostende, Belgium. Confirmed bands so far: Cirrha Niva (NL), Minas Morgul (D), Herfst, In-Quest (B), Oceans Of Sadness (B), Noctem (SPA), Thurisaz, Asatrum, Powerstroke, Aktarum.

October 10, 2010
Download Cirrha Niva
Our complete discography is now officially available as download. Click on the image > to open our shop on Legal Download.

October 04, 2010
Mindview’s Metal Calendar 2011 feat. Cirrha Niva
We are one of the twelve bands that are selected for the new 2011 calendar of Mindview Magazine. Some of the other bands are Nevermore, Paradise Lost, Epica, Alestorm and Sabaton. Cool to be part of this!

This calendar will be for sale within a few weeks and it will be available at the website of the Belgium magazine Mindview and at Large Popmerchandising. All profit’s are donated to a Crohn's disease fund.

October 02, 2010
A few Mario Metal Mania pics online
We just uploaded some snapshots from our most recent gig in Little Devil.

September 30, 2010
Review on Concrete Web, score 92 out of 100
This is the 77th review that has been written on “For Moments Never Done”, with again a cool quote: “With their latest release (For moments never done) they are making their way to the top of their genre.You can read it  here.

September 26, 2010
Cirrha Niva on Spotify
If you are using Spotify you can listen to our complete For Moments Never Done album.

September 05, 2010
Cirrha Niva in Top 3 of best Alcatraz bands
The Belgium Webzine Metal-Nose has ranked us in the Top 3 of best Alcatraz bands.
Our fellow Top 3 bands are Moonspell & Epica. Here’s the



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