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April 21, 2012 Writing new songs in our new rehearsal room
We recently occupied our new built rehearsal room. After some time figuring out what is the best place for everything (sound wise) we are finally settled and it sure feels like home.

You might think thereís nothing going on in Cirrha Nivaís camp, but of course you are wrong. The Ďnewí members are already so familiar with the old material that we took the next step and wrote some new songs together. Nothing is fixed yet, but at the moment we have about 6 new songs. I can give you some working titles but that doesnít mean you will recognize them on the booklet later on.

1- Lust
2- Until There Is Nothing More To Carry On
3- Memento
4- Reprise Of A Beautiful Day
5- To Whom It May Concern
6- Revealing

Weíll keep you posted!


August 30, 2011 Elsrock Festival
Confirmed more than 6 months ago finally the day arrived, August 27, Cirrha Niva plays at the prestige Elsrock Festival! This is the day we all looked forward to. At first we were a tiny bit afraid that our metal was too melodic, too strange and maybe too mellow for all the metal heads in the crowd (wearing denim jackets with patches from playing bands like Nuclear Assault, Samael & Marduk), but as soon as our decibels tormented the area and we saw itís response on the crowd, we buried that silly tiny thought, we came to time for Sissies here, haha!

We hit the stage at 12.30 pm, indeed very early, but this gave us all the time in the world to get ready, and thatís nice for a change. Hell, we even arrived before the festivalís backline arrived. We, the Cirrha Niva Early Birds again welcomed drummer Eelco van der Meer and bass player Alex van Damme in our midst on stage. Just like during the Crimson Glory Tour these guys are helping us out. Although I donít think they mind...the stage was huge, the sound was great, the set was short:-(, the food was good, the booze was plenty and we moved the crowd, didnít we fellas? No, they didnít mind (except for the travelling), they had a great time, Jagermeister rules doesnít it Alex:-) And also Mr. Halftime van der Meer rocked like (ethere)hell, but we knew he would. Being part of the band for almost two years in between drummers, Eelco feels like our adopted son. We must thank his bandmates from Ethereal for lending him to us so often:-) Anyway, what I wanted to say is that without any rehearsals since the Crimson Glory Tour with these guys I was again blown away with their skills and performance! Thanks guys, good to have you both around!

As this festival is being nagged by the local, very religious authorities since their 1st edition 6 years ago, we didnít want to make it any harder for the organization, so we skipped Golan Heights and itís stage act with burning crosses, thorn crowns and such. Also the songs Running From The Source and Spring Before Winter we didnít play. These song are great to play but not in a 30 minute set. Like said we choose our heavier stuff for this gig and with just half an hour showtime we are limited, due to the length of our songs, to 4 songs. Of course we started with our intro, of which Iím still very proud as itís specially made for us by Joost van den Broek and it contains parts of every song that is on the album For Moments Never Done. This was followed by Framed, Dreamon, The Fooling and set closer Self-Chosen.

Without a total soundcheck I found the sound on stage pretty good. But after the 1st song Alex asked if my guitar could be turned up on the monitors, no prob for me ofcourse...turn it up Mr. monitor man! Pump up the volume:-) The Fooling is always fun to play especially as Chirawís frontman, Legrandís brother Robin is joining us. Robin also did the screams and grunts on the album and his band and ours are frequently booked in the same festivals, so luckily we often have this pleasant occasion.

Before the 911 emergency call found itís way out of the PA, my bandmates had planned a little surprise for me, as it was my birthday today. I saw Legrandís eyes and his devilish smile as he approached the mic and I knew enough...damn motherf**ers. I thought I could get away with it but no, bang - bang - bang - confetti all over the stage, all over my effect pedals and between the strings...yeah they enjoyed embarrassing me in public. And to be honest so did I. I never played on my birthday before and during the day I often wondered what the bands after us must have thought, seeing the stage (although Robin swept much of it away) covered with confetti. Guess none of them knew it was because of my birthday, haha. To thank Legrand I said to the audience that they all could get a beer which Legrand would pay for, donít think they took me serious on that.

After the last fading note of Self-Chosen we quickly emptied the stage to find ourselves a beer or two. Everything went very smooth, the stage manager and crew were very relaxed and helpful, so after a few minutes we found that beer. The funny thing after the show was that people on the festival area as well as backstage congratulated me on my birthday. Many of them Iíve never seen before, but they knew:-) That was fun. After this I went back home as there was a party planned at 8 pm...also a surprise I didnít knew about.

So in a nutt shell: Elsrock and itís complete organization were GREAT. We had a blast there! We gave more than 100% on stage and got much in return from the audience! Hopefully we are invited to come back once more. If so, weíll play Golan Heights and everything that comes along with it:-) Or even better: new songs on which we are currently working!

Thank you to those who came to see us!!!
Grtzz Rob.

To see more pics of our Elsrock show click here, to read reviews click here.

May 20, 2011 Backstage/Behind The Scenes photo report CRIMSON GLORY 25th-Anniversary Tour
After lots of emails, phone calls and text messages Cirrha Nivaís part in Crimson Gloryís European Tour was a fact! And now, when itís finished there is so much to share with you all that I could spent a whole week writing a tour report and after putting it live I would still feel the urge to add more details, anecdotes and pics. Yeah, I know myself.

So hereís what I did. I changed it into a Photo Report and just add tiny footnotes. Probably more fun for you to look at, and more relaxing for me. So, hope you like it. CG is obviously Crimson Glory and with TS I mean the friendly people of the Norwegian band Triosphere.

Day 01 - Dynamo, Einhoven - Who is Who

Legrand & Rob in the door opening of the nightlinerThis day was like going to school for the first time or the first day working for a new boss. Meeting CG and TS for the first time, seeing 13 new faces including our tourmanager, our busdriver and the soundguy and lets not forget Jon Drenningís wife. Also the people from the famous venue had names and faces, hell.

Everything was a bit strange, who does what when and how and how helps him? But before you could worry about these things everything started to roll, everyone did their piece and in the end: everybody happy! And for the first time I saw CG on stage. Damn, they are good!

The load in after the gigs was also a bit hectic, would it all fit? We brought a part of the backline (incl 4 cabinets, and lots of our own gear) so the question was relevant. But the trailer was big enough and the door could be closed. So, lets go to the Rambler, a pub in Eindhoven. We stayed there till approx 5.30am, buscall next day was 8.00am, so lots of beer that evening and almost no sleep...we shouldnít do this on the whole tour thatís for sure. But it was fun, the CG guys were there, the TS guys and of course we from CN. For the first time during this Dynamo day we got the time to talk to eachother and get to know eachother. Really a cool start of the tour. Long live Palm beer, although the Norwegian booze the TS guys treated us on, tasted good!

Iíll write less and post more pics okay, otherwise Iíll still need a week.

Day 02 - Boerderij, Zoetermeer - Back again

Itís been a while since we played here, the last time was in 2002 together with Pain Of Salvation.

Day 03 - Atak, Enschede - Trading places

This day was cool as well. The best gig so far in my opinion, a very impressive venue, an enthusiastic crowd and lots of response! But before this all we arrived at the venue in the early morning. I guess it must have been around 8am. So after freshing up we started the day with a few hours walk through town. Carlo needed some spare parts for his in ear, but bought a SRV cap instead, and I needed a cup of coffee. Legrand know this town so he guided usWiebe & Jan trading places with stand-ins Alex & Eelco.

After the gig Jan and Wiebe switched places with Alex (van Damme) and Eelco (ven der Meer) on bass and drums. Unfortunately Jan and Wiebe couldnít get the free time of work to accompany us on the foreign gigs, so we had to play with two stand-ins. Eelco from Ethereal we knew already, but Alex was new to us. He learned the songs in just a few days and did a great job. Alex plays bass in 21 Eyes Of Ruby and also studies bass. Thanks guys, also on behalf of Jan and Wiebe, although they felt bad that they couldnít be there they are more than happy that the band got to play in Switzerland and Germany.

Day 04 - Keep It True - Like the eighties

Keep it True is a cool festival. We hope we get to play there in 20 years from now also. Itís like time stood still (no offense!!), jeans, leather jackets, patches on denim, stretch, spandex and a metal marked with ancient stuff, Well, in fact I also bought some cdís there: Angel - White Hot, Def Leppard - On Through The Night, and Journeyís first one. Carlo found some ancient tunes also.

We didnít get to play, but we enjoyed big time here! Good food, good beer, much laughter and heavy relaxing. Alex experienced some clichťs and felt like a real rockstar, didnít you bro, haha!
Lost Reflections backstage

After dinner Legrand and myself enjoyed the big bottles of German beer while Carlo, Eelco and Alex were busy helping the CG guys before their gig, lots of technical things went wrong during the line check. Of course Tor Ole and Marius from TS were helping out as CG use their amps. In the end it worked out, but they looked stressful. Well, the crowd went mad, again a great CG show!. It was a real privilege to experience this from so near.

Day 05 - Travelling

Bus stop, finally!
Alex & Carlo sitting comfortably in the bus

After the festival we immediately drove away, heading for Z7 in Prattlen, Switzerland. We arrived late in the evening and we all had to find some food in the tiny village. We found a nice place, not so big therefor we had to split-up. They served doner and pizzaís, all very tasteful. But the best thing besides the beer and food was the company of Todd. We had a good conversation about a numerous of subjects and he told some interesting stories about his hometown. Such a nice guy. Finally we all went back to the bus for some more drinks and finally some sleep.

Day 06 - Z7, Prattlen, Switzerland - Z7 Rules

We were told this is one of the most prestige venues to play, so we all had high expectations. They came true, everything is good about this venue. Only the venue was so huge that The Z7 doorsthe few hundred people that came to see us could bring their families and even then the place wouldnít be filled. Well, we didnít care, we enjoyed our first Swiss gig ever. We also did good in selling our cdís, think we almost emptied a box here:-)

This was Alex and Eelcoís first gig during the CG Tour. For CG and TS it was a bit confusing, seeing us play with other band members. For us it was strange also but I think we did a pretty good job and so did the stand-ins. Jan, Wiebe we definitely need to get back there soon and introduce you to the kind people of this venue, the audience and rock the place like we did at Atak :-) Unfortunately we just heard today that the gig planned in Milan is canceled by the venue Alcatraz. Too bad, but as Frode our tour manager already said before the tour; ďthis will be a tour full of surprises.Ē So it was.

Day 07 - Traveling

Nothing very important along the day, so I just throw around some pics.

Eelco & Legrand in the busBen & Rob, the axe menThe alcoholic twoThe alcoholic two

In the evening we arrived in a village named Ulm (or something), we found a good restaurant here. And afterwards we found an even better pub or Bierstube. We had a few pints here while listening to Guns n Roses, Scorpions, AC/DC and more of those classics. Man, this place rocks! We should get the others! So we did!
When we arrived at the bus parking everybody else was already inside the bus, having a Jack, Palm or local beer. We got Marius, Andy and Tor Ole from TS willing to join us and to return to the bar. Even Ben Jackson joined us, longing for a really good pub. I skip some parts now, but we had a really good time and some of us got a serious hangover the next morning. Again a cool day on tour.

Day 08 - Kaminwerk, Memmingen (Ger)

Different day same routine. Getting in, getting breakfast, unloading gear, building up, soundcheck, dinner, showtime, enjoying TS and CG and having some beers (again), breaking up, loading in, saying goodbye to the venue people, after-hours in the bus? Well almost. Today is Jonís birthday and we wanted to do something during the CG gig on stage...we had all kind of cool plans, and in the end Legrand gave Jon his famous banana...well, you had to be there I guess:-)

Good morning GermanyThe Jonny Banana ExperienceDana 'Animal' Burnell

The venue was big, the people nice and the crowd was good. We enjoyed playing here and we enjoyed the balcony. From this angle the view on CG drummer Dana was perfect. This man is an animal behind his drumkit, hitting with force 10, singing along with Todd, interaction with Jeff, this is cooooooool. I canít remember watching a drummer play and enjoying it so much. Dana ruled this gig!

Day 09 - Turoch, Essen (Ger)

Again a German gig, Turoch in Essen this one. This was a strange one in the end, because there was a kind of metal disco right after the CG show. This meant that we had to clear the venue as soon as possible. Nothing relaxing about this at all. In fact it sucked but they served Guinness so Iím not complaining anymore. We enjoyed playing here a lot, it was pretty intimate because of the small size of the venue (compared to the previous gig that is). The crowd went mad and we got our first ĎZugabe, Zugabe!í here. Very cool!

 The Merchie of the tour at the merch in EssenDutch fans in Germany, hahah, you rock mate!!

After the gig we had some drinks outside the venue as many of us still had lots and lots of drinking coupons. We will not leave before they are all gone...well eventually we left. Turoch won



Day 10 - Rondpunt26, Genk (B).

The last day of the tour. After looking forward to this tour for months, it is over within a few days. But one thing is sure, this will stay in our memories forever and ever!!! Today was very relaxed compared to yesterday. Everything was organized very well today, very luxurious also....

The load in went smooth as always, the backstage was filled with sandwiches, candy bars, fruit and everything else that was on the rider. And there was Belgium beer instead of the German bottles:-)

Today we had a cool gig and just as yesterday we had Jan and Wiebe back on the rhythm section....feels gooooood! Unfortunately we have to say goodbye to everyone at the end of the evening, this doesnít feels so good. Just as we all got to know eachother, just when eveyone is in the touringmode, just as the gigs are getting better and better, we have to say goodbye. Well, we skipped the crying part, but we all would like to add a few gigs to the tour. Let me just end by thanking everyone on board of this tour: Frode, Inge, Jon, John, Todd, Dana, Jeff, Danea, Basi, Marius, Ida, Tor Ole, Andy, Frank, Jan, Wiebe, Carlo, Legrand, Eelco, Alex and finally Jens, mister bus driver for bringing us everywhere and bringing us back in one piece!! Also thanks to Roman for getting us here!

Many greets to those who came to see us. We owe you!The complete touring ensemble!!

Greets Rob.

April 18, 2011 CRIMSON GLORY Preparing To Embark On 25th-Anniversary Tour (source: Blabbermouth)
Reactivated Florida-based melodic metallers CRIMSON GLORY will celebrate their 25th anniversary by embarking on a headlining tour of Europe with support from TRIOSPHERE and CIRRHA NIVA.

Like the proverbial Phoenix ascending from the embers, the return of these formerly masked prog-power pioneers marks an occasion that followers of the band across Europe are eagerly awaiting. With shows ranging from intimate venues to large festivals, including Keep It True in Germany and Karmoygeddon in Norway, the fans will have a unique opportunity to take part in one of the most anticipated and triumphant anniversary tours of the genre.

"Gearing up for this tour has been an amazing, intense experience," says lead guitarist Jon Drenning. "As the band has coalesced and centered around [vocalist] Todd La Torre, it's helped to both ease the loss of [former vocalist] Midnight, as well as remind us that we still have so much more to accomplish as a band. I know that there have been a lot of mixed feelings about CRIMSON GLORY carrying on without Midnight, but I know for certain that he would be very proud to know that his legacy marches on, and I truly believe that his fans worldwide will feel the same as we rise up, shake off the ashes and sear across the darkened sky. We're entering the next chapter of CRIMSON GLORY's 'Transcendence', and with Todd now fully integrated both as a singer and a brother, the band sounds as special, true, unique, and bad-ass as ever!"

The 2011 "Phoenix Rising" European spring tour has been in the works following the unveiling of Todd La Torre as the new frontman for the band at an intimate venue in Atlanta late last year. La Torre's spot-on performance was well-received and met with rave reviews, and it was immediately clear that the time had come to take CRIMSON GLORY back on the road.

The 25th anniversary marks more than just a milestone in the band's history ó it is also a final chance to share late vocalist Midnight's legacy with fans across Europe:

"This is a real honor for me," says La Torre. "I'm looking forward to hitting the stage and proving myself to all our fans across Europe. This is a new beginning for me and CRIMSON GLORY, but I would also like to personally dedicate CRIMSON GLORY's 25th-anniversary tour and classic songs to Midnight. He was and will always be a legend in my mind. I will be developing my own style and have more influence on the band's sound as time goes on, of course, but I proudly carry the torch and will do my best to always keep Midnight's spirit alive by performing all the classic songs true to his original vision and in his honor."

"It will be a healing experience for a lot of people, including us," Drenning adds. "There are so many fans of ours out there who never had the chance to see Midnight perform live with the band, and so these performances will at least allow them to feel his presence within the music we created together. Todd [La Torre] has not only displayed the technical ability to emulate Midnight, but he also has the emotional ability to convey the triumph and the torment that Mid lent to every song. This tour will be an honorable and fitting way for fans to say farewell to a legend, while celebrating the life and legacy of our late brother now and into the future of CRIMSON GLORY. Midnight will always be a part of us; in our hearts, our music, and our lives... forever."
The band will also have keyboardist John Zahner (CIRCLE II CIRCLE, JON OLIVA'S PAIN, SAVATAGE) onboard. Zahner also accompanied CRIMSON GLORY on their 1989 "Transcendence" world tour.

"We're very excited and honored to have John Zahner playing with us again," says CRIMSON GLORY bassist Jeff Lords. "John is obviously very familiar with our material, having played with us before on many occasions and we're looking forward to his presence adding to the atmosphere and well-rounded sound that is so intrinsic to CRIMSON GLORY's music."

CRIMSON GLORY will also be joined by the Norwegian progressive metal band TRIOSPHERE. This will be the group's first European tour since the release of their acclaimed new album, "The Road Less Travelled".

TRIOSPHERE singer/bassist Ida Haukland had this to say about performing alongside CRIMSON GLORY: "It is with great pleasure that TRIOSPHERE can announce that they will be joining the legendary CRIMSON GLORY as support on their European gigs in April/May 2011! CRIMSON GLORY was one of my biggest influences with regard to both bass and vocals, and we recommend EVERYONE (be it heavy/extreme metal heads or AOR rockers) to take this very rare opportunity to check out one of the most sincere and extraordinary bands of the 1980s and 1990s."

Dutch metalers CIRRHA NIVA will also support CRIMSON GLORY on their European tour.

"We are tremendously proud to join the ultimate proggers of CRIMSON GLORY on their 25th-anniversary tour through Europe," says CIRRHA NIVA guitarist Rob Willemse. "It's a great happening that this cult band is hitting the stage again and it's even greater to be part of it! The tour with CRIMSON GLORY and TRIOSPHERE will be the biggest thrill we have had since the release of our album, 'For Moments Never Done'. We are all looking forward to starting the tour on Dutch soil and in venues we are very familiar with, but at the same time we are eager to play on stages outside Holland to spread our music; CRIMSON GLORY is giving us that chance!"

February 12, 2011 Gigging with the Chiraw dudes!!
Yesterday was a blast for all of us! We again enjoyed the evening gigging together with the metal dudes from Chiraw.
They held their CD presentation in cafe De Stam located in their hometown Almelo.

Unfortunately their new CD didnít arrive on time to be sold, but we can tell you it will be a damn good one, telling by the songs they played, powerful and very melodic. yes, these guys know how to ROCK!

We played approx 60 minutes, mostly songs from our latest album and some surprises.
But you had to be there to know what it was:-)

The atmosphere was very cool and hot at the same time! De Stam is a cozy cafe to play with a high and deep stage, accessible from the backstage rooms. The crowd was enthusiastic and sang along with the easy parts, haha. So yeah, weíd like to thank all of you out there who especially came to see us. You know who you are, and you know we appreciate it!

Last but not least: a big cheer for the Chiraw dudes!! Hurray!! We catch you meandirtymotherf**ckingrockers later! Good luck with your new album guys!!!!! And thanks for letting us use your gear!

Chrs, Rob.

September 05, 2010 Occultfest
And another gig can now be added to our history list. Occultfest in the North of The Netherlands proved to be a cozy experience. Besides cozy it was also very muddy due to the heavy rain in the days prior to the festival (so letís see if we can get our Converse mud free again:-)).

Weíd like to thank the organization for inviting us; Winanda & husband + crew (you know who you are:-).


Next stop: The Cave Amsterdam!

August 17, 2010
Alcatraz Metal Festival 
Yeah people, Alcatraz was a blast for us!

We enjoyed this gig very much, as you probably can see from the live pics taken by various photographers. We especially like to thank Tim Tonckroe for a cool photo shoot he did with us before the gig. As you probably read in some reviews our new drummer Wiebe Slim had to skip this gig due to an earlier planned obligation...euh... vacation:-)

The pic taken by Tim cannot be used to promote the band, but as cool as it is, we didnít wanna keep this hidden from all you guys & girlzz. So here it is >>
From left to right: Robin de Groot (live guest vocals on The Fooling), vocalist Legrand, guitarists Carlo Heefer
  and Rob Willemse, temporary live drummer Eelco van der Meer (who helped us out once now, thanx mate!), 
  and finally bassist Daniel Huijben. Horns up baby!

For this occasion we have put The Trooper back in our set. This was proven to be a good choice as not only the crowd before our stage on level 2 liked it a lot, but also the metal heads on ground floor looked up and sang along...well, it was very funny to notice that. Level 2, and yeah that means the gear had to go elevators but dozens of stagehands did the trick for us. Thanks guys...we owe you! And a special thank you goes out the the stagehand that provided the cold beers:-)

If you want you can read some live reviews of the gig here or watch some professional live pics here. Finally we thank the organization for inviting us and we thank you for being there.

Catch ya all later,

June 21, 2010 Some words from Wiebe Slim
Hi there!

This is my first announcement as an official member of Cirrha Niva. Iífm very honored and happy to be the new drummer of this great band. During the search for a new drummer I fell in on May 8th in Goes. We had a great gig! After two rehearsals and the show I decided to join the band. The chemistry with the other band members is great. Iím really looking forward to the live gigs and writing new material. Hope to see you at one of our live performances!


Sept 14, 2009 A CD presentation Thank You
picture by Caroline Hindriks
We'd like to thank all the people who showed up at our CD presentation!

We hope you all enjoyed it at much as we did and according to all your feedback we think you did:-) And we (again) thank Robin de Groot for his awesome presentation!

Furthermore we'd like to thank Patrick de Bruin for shooting pics, Ron Coolen for having a nice talk (please cut away my stumbling words:-)), Martin de Vogel for air guitar & promoting this gig, the complete crew of Plein 79 for being an excellent host, Sweet Amber for company, sandwiches and warming up the crowd (thanks for One), The Red's One Neighbor for the van:-) and finally our merchgirl Inge!!

For us this was the first time ever we played the For Moments Never Done album completely, we only shuffled the order a bit. As we tried to have a little party for band and audience, we also choose to play some old stuff and some covers (which we only do on intimate occasions (like yesterday):-) We even had songs like Redemption Denied (The Mirror World Dimension), Echoes (Liaison De La Morte) & Faith No More's Digging The Grave in mind, but due to the tight schedule we skipped them. Hope you didn't mind! What did we play? Well, here's the set list:

Golan Heights, Dreamon, The Fooling, Running From The Source, Framed, Spring Before Winter, Selfchosen. Nightwish, Nostalgia, Massacre (Thin Lizzy), The Trooper (Iron Maiden), Nighttrain (Guns N Roses) and I Believe In You (Y&T).

As this was a special gig for us we'd like to thank you we will not do this after every gig... hope you all understand:-)
Thanks for being there!

August 21, 2009 Getting ready

Just a few weeks away from the start of a new season of live shows.
As we want to play the songs from FMND live as close as possible as on the album, we are working with samples taken from that album. In order to work with them in a live setting, we will bring along our little computer. The samples will help us out when the actual guest musicians canít. Pictured is Carlo who prepared all the samples and explaining to me how it all works.


August 14, 2009 DaniŽl proudly presents...

DaniŽl Huijben received one of the very first copies of the latest edition of Dutch Hardrock magazine Aardschok from Aardschokís Metal Mike himself at the Alcatraz Metal Fest in Deinze (BE). Looking very proud at the outstanding review FMND has received

June 30, 2009 First Pre-Orders shipped

We've spent an evening to make all the pre-orders ready for shipment! That means that if you've made a pre-order on our upcoming CD "For Moments Never Done", you will receive it or next Saturday (mostly for addresses in The Netherlands) or early next week (for European pre-orders) and in the worst case late next week for everyone outside Europe...

But the best thing is: you will have it 4 weeks before the official release date!
! And as you know the Cd will be accompanied by a free band logo TS and a signed promotional photo (for whatever you think the pic is worth, haha).

Finally we'd like to thank the Pre-order early birds from The Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Japan, UK, Germany, Italy, Israel, Sweden, South-Africa, USA & France. You probably know who you are.


May 15, 2009 Concert Leeuwarden

Although we had not expected to play live any earlier than the release of ĎFor Moments Never Doneí in September 2009, we were given the change to play as a support for ĎStream of Passioní, which of course we couldnít refuse :)

After a 2 hour drive we arrived at 19.30 hours and as we were second on the bill, we had time left to have some dinner. After the first band ĎDimaeoní was done, There was a 20 minutes change over for equipment and our gig started immediately after that. The show itself went very well although some minor mistakes were made here and there. But since it was our first show this year we could not complain and really enjoyed the moment. In the 40 minutes playing time, we only played songs from  ĎFor Moments Never Doneí.

The audience seemed to enjoy our music also. There were even some folks who came especially to see us play live again after to many years of silence. Thanks Folks!!! When the show was finished, we stayed a little while to watch the performance of  ĎStream of Passioní and left for home.


April 30, 2009 New Rehearsal Room
We found ourselves a new better rehearsal room!

It is in the same building but on a lower level, which will come in very handy each time we have to transport our heavy music equipment to play live.  It took us a complete week to transfer the space from virtually a dump into a cozy rehearsal room. We worked as hell! From painting to carpeting to cleaning the place out, you name it....we did it! Weíre all very happy with the final result as you can see from the big ear to ear smile on DaniŽlís face :)


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