Cirrha Niva - CD - For Moments Never Done

“The best release from Dutch soil so far this year!” Metalfan, 90/100 (Nederland). Jewelcase met 20 pagina tellende booklet!

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“The best release from Dutch soil so far this year! ”
Metalfan, 90/100 (Netherlands) 

1. The Fooling 07:28
2. Dreamon 05:07
3. Framed  08:02
4. Running From The Source 06:11
5. Golan Heights 06:55
6. Spring Before Winter  04:49
7. Self-Chosen 08:15

Under the guidance of producers Jochem Jacobs and Bouke Visser of Split Second Sound Studio (Textures, Stream Of Passion), Cirrha Niva developed their already unique sound even more, resulting in this album ‘For Moments Never Done’.

Some fine and well known guest musicians participated on the album. For instance: keyboardplayer Joost van den Broek (After Forever) adds sphere elements to the album with piano, Hammond organ and soundscapes, and the spoken words in Hebrew of Yuval Kramer (Amaseffer) are completing the theme of ‘Golan Heights’.