Cirrha Niva - CD - Liaison De La Morte
Cirrha Niva - CD - Liaison De La Morte
Soundtrack of the Liaison de la Morte Rock Opera by Cirrha Niva! Comes in Slipcase jewelcase CD including CD-ROM part with videoclip and Making of, 18 pag booklet!
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Soundtrack van de 'Liaison de la Morte' Rock Opera van Cirrha Niva! Jewel slipcase CD met 16 pagina tellend booklet en CD-ROM gedeelte, inclusief video en making of!

On 'Liaison de la Morte' Cirrha Niva take you on a haunting carrousel ride through vague memories, unearthly metaphors, ink-black romanticism and howling ghosts. 
In a cryptic way, the age old drama of live & death, love & deceit, conflicts & desires, sorrow & joy is told in a musical combination of metal with film music, classical symphonic arrangements, progressive rock, jazz, gothic, ambient music, folk & percussion.

On the album Cirrha Niva is assisted by several guest musicians like the Swedish progmetal band Pain of Salvation who sing and perform the ghost choir in the song ‘Mélancolique’.

1. October 31st 02:55
2. Nightwish 08:05
3. Le Parade 07:58
4. Nostalgia 10:45
5. Mélancolique  09:52
6. Echoes  07:48
7. The Beginning Of… 04:24

Interactive CD-Rom: ‘Nostalgia’ videoclip , photo’s & more.