Cirrha Niva - Out Of The Freakshow - 2LP

'Out Of The Freak Show,' in Gatefold, double 180g black vinyl including full color printed inside covers.

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'Out Of The Freakshow' comes as a Gatefold, double 180g black vinyl including full color printed inner covers.

Side A
1. I Guess 04:53
2. From Ego 7:09
Side B
3. 24/7 Smile 7:27
4. Afraid To Bleed 08:57
Side C
5. Silver Tongues 05:43
6. Time 05:38
Side D
7. Reprise Of A Beautiful Day 04:24
8. Just Another Legacy 11:54

On "Out Of The Freak Show" drummer Nathanael Taekema (Thomas Zwijsen) did a service for the band to play the entire album after they left. Psychotic Waltz frontman Devon Graves and singer Lisette van den Berg (Scarlet Stories) make their appearance in resp. "Just Another Legacy" and "Afraid To Bleed". And keyboard player Erik van Ittersum (Theater Equation) took care of all keyboard parts under the supervision of Joost van den Broek. The mysterious Mr. Finally, Gold can be heard as the speaking master in the opening song "I Guess".

 Does not fit in the letterbox.