Previous bands:

Pic by Ingeborg SteenhorstRatchet
Gracious Souls
Ulcerate Fester
Liquid Baby

2 Demo's with Voices
1 Demo ( 2000) and 1 CD (Souled Out) with Ulcerate Fester
1 CD ( Spanish Harbour ) with Liquid Baby
1 Demo with Sezpool
1 guest appearance on CD Barstool Philosophers
2 CD’s with Cirrha Niva

Can not really say I am influenced by a band or person. I like a lot of bands though!

Favorite bands:
Psychotic Waltz, Blues Traveler, KISS, Flotsam & Jetsam, Metallica (old shit),

Hi there!

I was born 30...some years ago as Michel de Groot in lovely Almelo. My surname de Groot was altered by my French teacher in Legrand to point out that Dutch surnames are translatable in French. The name sticked to me like glue and all my friends and relatives kept calling me Legrand... When I started playing in bands in around '85 or so, the first review of a live show was written by a friend of mine, who in the article referred to me as, of course, Legrand... So I was born. Well that is me in a nutshell.


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