Available on CD and 2LP

Track list:
1. I Guess 04:53
2. From Ego 07:09
3. 24/7 Smile 07:27
4. Afraid To Bleed 08:57
5. Silver Tongues 05:43
6. Time 05:38
7. Reprise Of A Beautiful Day* 04:24
8. Just Another Legacy 11:54

Recording line up:
Rob Willemse - Guitar
Legrand - Vocals
Michel Steenbekkers - Bass
Carlo Heefer - Guitar (except on*)
Nathanael Taekema - Drums

Additional musicians:
Erik van Ittersum – Keyboards on From Ego, Afraid To Bleed, Reprise Of A Beautiful Day and Just Another Legacy
Lisette van den Berg – Guest vocals on Afraid To Bleed
Devon Graves – Guest vocals & flute on Just Another Legacy
Mr. Gold – Ringmaster on I Guess
Yente van Hulst, Iris Hoek, Hasse Mees, Seneh Mejdoub – Children’s Choir on Timee

Album info:
All songs written by Cirrha Niva. Recorded at Split Second Sound, Homestudio Heefer, SlowMotionExplosion & Bascamp Audio - The Netherlands & Windsong Studio – Austria. Produced by Cirrha Niva & Split Second Sound. Mixed and Mastered by Jochem Jacobs at Split Second Sound. 
Artwork, DTP & layout by Mark & Merlijn - Blacklake
Band pictures by Tim Tronckoe Photography
Outfits & Styling by Ingeborg Steenhorst - I Style Stars
Greasepaint by Joyce Veen-van den Borst
Hairstyling by Angelique Bergman
Logo design by Katrijn Michels

Release date: 
April 14, 2016

© Cirrha Niva.