Short introduction

Cirrha Niva (derived from Cirrha & Nisa the mountain tops of the Parnassus, symbol of Divine Wisdom, Poetic Inspiration and Human Knowledge, as mentioned in Dante Alighieri’s epic poem The Divine Comedy) has a strong do-it-yourself attitude and they work 220% for their music. 

All albums are released on their own independent label and are worldwide distributed by Suburban Distribution. The band invested a lot in quality studio recordings, cd production and press promotion. And it pays off, because the band has received overall high rates from international music press. 

Cirrha Niva’s sound consists of technical thrash riffs, pounding drums, melodic and shredding guitar solo’s and Floydian sphere’s. Musical references can be compared with bands such as Nevermore, Dream Theater, Rush, Faith No More, Iron Maiden and Thin Lizzy.

Under the guidance of producers Jochem Jacobs and Bouke Visser of Split Second Sound Studio (Textures, Autumn, Stream Of Passion), the band developed their already unique sound even more, resulting in their latest album 'For Moments Never Done' and 'Out Of The Freakshow'. 

Cirrha Niva are five talented musicians who have full control over their instruments. Each of them with different backgrounds and influences that perfectly mix within the band’s sound. Cirrha Niva has the skill to combine the bluesy input of the vocalist Legrand with melody and structure from their guitarists Rob and Richard, who's influence range from the classic hard rock bands to modern prog bands and everything in between. The groovy and technical rhythm’s of drummer Robert are like one with the heavy and thrash influenced bass player Michel. 

Concert Highlights

Besides the numerous headline shows with their Cult-rock operaLiaison de la Morte’, and live shows for Ingeborg Steenhorst Fashion Shows at the prestige Effenaar venue in Eindhoven, Cirrha Niva also supported well known acts such as Lacuna Coil (IT), Evergrey (SE), Evanescence (USA), Pain of Salvation (SE), Planet X (USA) and Skyclad (UK) and Cirrha Niva supported Crimson Glory (USA) on their European Tour. Cirrha Niva played on several European festivals: Zwarte Cross Festival (NL), Progpower Europe (NL), Alcatraz Metal Festival (B), Wave Gothic Treffen (GER), Dokk’em Open Air (NL), Elsrock (NL) to mane a few.
The international music press writes the following about their live gigs:
"The strongest Dutch progband at the moment." Lords Of Metal (Int. Webzine)
"Quality of this kind is rare nowadays." Rock Tribune Magazine (Belgium Magazine)
"High-class progressive metal." VPRO (Dutch National RTV Broadcast Company)
"Cirrha Niva belongs with Epica and Moonspell in the Top 3 of best Alcatraz Metal Festival bands." MetalNose (Int. Webzine)

Legrand - Vocals

Previous bands:
Gracious Souls 
Ulcerate Fester 
Liquid Baby 

2 Demo's with Voices
1 Demo ( 2000) and 1 CD (Souled Out) with Ulcerate Fester
1 CD ( Spanish Harbour ) with Liquid Baby
1 Demo with Sezpool
1 guest appearance on CD Barstool Philosophers
2 CD’s with Cirrha Niva

Can not really say I am influenced by a band or person. I like a lot of bands though!

Favorite bands:
Psychotic Waltz, Blues Traveler, KISS, Flotsam & Jetsam, Metallica (old shit),

"Hi there! I was born 40...some years ago as Michel de Groot in lovely Almelo. My surname de Groot was altered by my French teacher in Legrand to point out that Dutch surnames are translatable in French. The name sticked to me like glue and all my friends and relatives kept calling me Legrand... When I started playing in bands in around '85 or so, the first review of a live show was written by a friend of mine, who in the article referred to me as, of course, Legrand... So I was born. Well that is me in a nutshell."

Rob Willemse - Guitar

Gibson Les Paul Custom ‘Ebony Black’
Gibson Les Paul Studio ‘Voodoo’
Gibson Les Paul Studio ‘Gothic' 
Schecter Hellraiser Solo
Ovation 'Celebrity' acoustic guitar 

And some wall flowers: 
Jackson 'Kelly' with Seymour Duncan Humbucker & DiMarzio PafPro
Ibanez RG with traditional pickups

Amp & Cabinet: 
Line 6 Flextone IIHD 
Marshall JCM 900 Lead 1960 cabinet 4.12``

Sennheiser ew300 iem 
Behringer Xenyx 1202
Line 6 Relay G30
Line 6 Backtrack
Line 6 Ux1

Previous bands:
Requiem, Uridium (both predecessors of Cirrha Niva).
W.A.M. (Hardrock, metalcoverband)
Thin Lizzy Tribute Band 
The Rippers - Judas Priest Tribute Band

Previous projects:
Project 13, solo on Don’t Stand So Close.
I Style Stars Band, for Ingeborg Steenhorst’s Catwalk Modeshow

All kinds of music, movies, musicals, words & events that have impact on me.

Favorite bands:
Anacrusis, Beatles, Buckethead, Calexico, Cirque Du Soleil, Dream Theater, Faith No More, The Gathering, Gary Moore, Grip Inc., Hooverphonic, Iron Maiden, Joe Bonemassa, Joe Satriani, Journey, King Crimson, Marillion, New Keepers Of The Water Towers, Opeth, Psychotic Waltz, Pink Floyd, Queensryche, Rush, Steve Vai, Tea Party, U2, Van Halen and many, way too many more...

Favorite composers:
Jan AP Kaczmarek, Antonio Vivaldi, Baz Luhrmann, Danny Elfman, Ennio Morricone, Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard, Marco Beltrami, Peter Iljitsj Tsjaikovski, Yann Tiersen, 

Other interests:
Everything concerning music & having a beer, spending time with friends ;-)

Richard van der Linden - Guitar

Ernie Ball Music Man Steve Morse Y2D
Acoustic guitars by Crafter and Fender

ENGL Thunder 50 Reverb
Blackstar HT Dual Distortion pedal
TC Electronic various pedals
DiMarzio cables
Other Instruments:
Hurdy gurdy, Mandolin
Previous bands & projects:
Desperados d’Amour
Beasts of the Southern Wild
Actias Luna
Influences and inspiration:
"I started playing music when I discovered bands like Deep Purple and Jethro Tull. 
Besides that I like a lot of metal bands because of the melancholy, aggression and power behind it. Bands like Sonata Arctica and Eluveitie for example. 
I’m also into classical music and the music before that. Meaning renaissance, medieval and Viking music."

Favorite bands:
"Too much to mention actually. I like a lot of bands in the power and folk metal. Some death metal as well. And of course the old heavy metal, hard rock and prog rock. The stuff I already listened to years ago when I started playing the guitar."
Other interests:
Mechanical engineering, aviation, history, HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts)

Michel Steenbekkers - Bass

Bass guitars:
Fender USA Deluxe Jazz 5 
Fender MEX Precision 4 
Warwick Corvette FNA 5 
Mayones Victorious 4 custom
Tobias Crowler Spector USA NS-5

Amps & Cabinets:
Head/Amplifiers: Ampeg B5 350 watt Markbass 300
Cabinets: Ampeg 4x10 Hartke 2x15

SIT strings
Aphex Exciter
Korg DTR-2 tuner
Sennheiser EW-100 wireless
Boss Bass Chorus
Boss Bass Flanger
Boss Bass Overdrive

Previous bands:
Fuelblooded/Sacramental Sachem
Scenario II
Seventh Episode
One Night Stand
Conventional Fake
The Covering
Thin Lizzy Tribute

Other current bands:

Steve Harris, Timi "Grabber" Hansen, Steve DiGiorgio, Geezer Butler, Chuck Schuldiner

Favorite bands:
Death, Slayer, Megadeth, Exodus, Nevermore, Carcass, Testament, King Diamond/Mercyful Fate, and wayyyyy many more! 

Other interests of Michel Steenbekkers:
Movies, Festivals & Concerts, Travelling, Beer & Fitness

Robert van Kooij - Drums

Pearl Masters Maple in Yellow Sparkle

Sabian Hand Hammered

Recent previous bands worth mentioning:
Toyz (instrumental prog rock)
Cut the crap (rock covers)

Early: Ian Paice, Roger Taylor, Peter Criss, Cozy Powell, Vinny Appice
Later on: Simon Phillips, Terry Bozzio, Mike Portnoy, Lucas van Merwijk, 
Horacio Hernandez, and any drummer that plays for the music

Early: Classic Rock, 80's Heavy Metal
Later on: Prog Rock, Latin jazz, Salsa, World music and percussion, Barok, Classical

Favorite bands and musicians/composers:
Early: Deep Purple, Queen, Kiss, Rainbow, Michael Schenker, Dio, Gary Moore
Later on: Yngwie, any good guitar shredder (Paul Gilbert, Jason Becker, Vai, Satch, stuff like that), Terry Bozzio's drumsolo music, Dream Theater, Muse, Daniela Mercury (brazilian Axe singer) and of course the classics: Bach, Mozart, Paganini, Vivaldi

Other interests:
Physics, nature