Plug In Baby - Lockdown Session

  01-05-2021     Comments (0)

Plug In Baby - Lockdown Session During lockdown we recorded 'Plug In Baby', a song written Matthew Bellamy from Muse. This song appeared on their album Origin Of Symmetry, that was released 20 years ago. Today it is our Lockdown Session! Hope you like it baby!  

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New '24/7 Smile' Live video!

  06-10-2020     Comments (0)

New '24/7 Smile' Live video! We have just launched a brand new live video from our song  24/7 Smile . You can watch it here! Vocalist  Legrand  about the lyrics he wrote to the song: "A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear .. and preferably 24/7. Imposed by the media and environment, the girl in the text can barely meet this 24-hour smile. But that 24/7 fake smile makes real emotion more and more difficult for her. Only when she cuts herself she feels real and alive, but she also thinks about the youth she wanted to forget ..." When all that’s happening without reason Makes her sad and shaded All those mend to fit pieces Now form out of shape faces Frightening Reach down in time Try to get the fragments you left behind Reach down in time Try to get the pieces all in line You...

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Silver Tongues Video

  17-06-2020     Comments (0)

Silver Tongues Video Silver Tongues finally got his video. The song taken from our album Out Of The Freakshow is wrapped in lots of 'behind the scenes' pictures and photoshoots with an overlay of the projection used during live shows. Hope you like it! Check it out here! Most of the footage is taken with our own camera's, but there are some photographers we'd like to thank for theirs: Ingeborg Steenhorst, Tim Tronckoe, Ton Dekkers, Met Licht Geschreven and Rikkert Harink. The live footage is filmed by Marleo Video!  

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Mainstage Eurosjopper 2020

  26-03-2020     Comments (0)

Mainstage Eurosjopper 2020 ***SHOW CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19*** On June 27 we will hit the mainstage at the Eurosjopper Festival 2020. Let's hope Covid left the earth by then! More info can be found here .  

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New review on Progwereld!

  20-12-2019     Comments (0)

New review on Progwereld! After ten years Progwereld webzine did another review for our album 'For Moments Never Done' because due to the 10th ann. of this album we re-released it on coloured vinyl! Check out this amazing review from which we can quote the following: "To be honest, I count this record even among the best prog metal albums I have heard so far."  You can read it here (Dutch)  

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Framed - New live video online!

  15-12-2019     Comments (0)

Framed - New live video online! Our song 'Framed' - originally captured on our album 'For Moments Never Done' (and recently available on coloured vinyl) - has it's own 9 minute live video that was shot at Willem Twee poppodium. The keys you hear are, just like on the album, from Joost van den Broek. Enjoy!  Check it out here! Thanks to and filmed by Marleo Video, Willem Twee Camera Crew, Ramona Sahetapy, Niek Wolters & Johan Du Pon.  

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Duketown Rebel Festival 2019

  19-10-2019     Comments (0)

Duketown Rebel Festival 2019 Michel Steenbekkers and Rob Willemse going PUNK next week for a one-time-only speciale occasion at  Duketown Rebel Festival 2019  as both Cirrha Niva musicians take part of the The Smelly Cats & FRIENDS show! Check out the event!  

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New video 'Just Another Legacy' - Live in Willem Twee Poppodium

  04-10-2019     Comments (0)

We have just released a brand new live video from our 12 minute song 'Just Another Legacy'. It was recorded during our show in Willem Twee Poppodium in 's-Hertogenbosch (NL). Most of the footage is filmed by the 5 camera's from Marleo Video & Ramona Sahetapy. Other footage in this video we could use thanks to the Willem Twee Camera Crew, Niek Wolters and Johan Du Pon! Thank you all!

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New homepage!

  25-09-2019     Comments (0)

We have a totally renewed and fresh homepage in the air with a secure webshop. Everything is responsive and scales along with every device. You should be able to find all the info about the band here and all the important updates will be added as well.

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10th Anniversary For Moments Never Done!

  18-09-2019     Comments (0)

To celebrate the tenth anniversay of our 'For Moments Never Done' album in September 2019, there will be a very limited amount of this release available on vinyl!  The album has never been released on vinyl before!  To make it even extra special it will be made of 180 gram Heavy Weight clear, transparent green & black mixed vinyl! The album comes sealed with a printed innersleeve and printed labels. This will be a very, very limited release! The album can be pre-ordered here!  

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Cirrha Niva live

  18-09-2019     Comments (0)

September 01 in the afternoon at 4pm we will be playing at Willem Twee Poppodium in 's-Hertogenbosch (NL). We will throw a few new songs in the setlist and show some nice projections to back it up!  Our friends from the Thin Lizzy Tribute band Roisin Dubh will support us! Tickets are available right now at  the venue's website, visit it here!

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