Cirrha Niva live 
September 01 in the afternoon at 4pm we will be playing at Willem Twee Poppodium in 's-Hertogenbosch (NL). We will throw a few new songs in the setlist and show some nice projections to back it up! 
Our friends from the Thin Lizzy Tribute band Roisin Dubh will support us!

Tickets are available right now at the venue's website, visit it here!

10th Anniversary For Moments Never Done!
To celebrate the tenth anniversay of our For Moments Never Done album in September 2019, there will be a very limited amount of this release available on vinyl!

The album has never been released on vinyl before!

To make it even extra special it will be made of 180 gram Heavy Weight clear, transparent green & black mixed vinyl! The album comes sealed with a printed innersleeve and printed labels.

This will be a very, very limited release! The album can be pre-ordered here!

Cirrha Niva live 
On August, 2019 we'll perform at the Parkvilla Theater in Alphen a/d Rijn together with Dutch progmetalband Dreamwalkers Inc.! 


New Cirrha Niva Band pictures
New shots are taken by photographer Ingeborg Steenhorst showing the new line-up, introducing guitarist Richard van der Linden.

Cirrha Niva on Bandcamp
As of today you can listen, download and/or purchase our music and merch through Bandcamp.
So to those Bandcamp-fans: check it out!

Dreamon video
We have released the album 'For Moments Never Dome' some tiny ten years ago. Since that time we've had the song Dreamon in our setlist. Here's a little recap!

New guitarist 

Dennis leaves Cirrha Niva, so our quest for a new guitarist starts here:-)
"Hi there, vrienden en fans van Cirrha Niva. Onlangs heb ik besloten om de band te verlaten. Na een jaar hard werken, ligt mijn muzikale weg uiteindelijk in een andere richting dan beoogd. Desalniettemin ben ik vele mooie ervaringen rijker en wens Cirrha Niva het beste met hun verdere muzikale avontuur. Rob, Michel, Le Grand en Robert down the road we will meet again. Cheers Dennis van Bussel"

It was a real pleasure to gig Progfrog 2017; cozy venue, fine crew, cool co-headliner, nice audience and a good cook:-)
See ya all next time!
Pic by Hans Korbee
                                                                                                                                          (Pic by H.Korbee)

New gig announced!
Get your details here.

Cool FB profilevideo added
No further words needed, just check it out on our Facebook page:)

Full album on YouTube
Enjoy listening our album on YouTube, if afterward you'd like yo own a CD or LP, you know where to find it:)
Cirrha Niva on YouTube

Follow us on Spotify
Please, be our guest on SPOTIFY and follow us...Into The Freakshow! We have three of our albums out there in full length!

Record Store Day
Record Store Day is an annual event inaugurated in 2007 and held on one Saturday every April to "celebrate the culture of the independently owned record store". And eventhough we only have one vinyl title in our store we'd like to join anyway. Probably not as official as it should be, but what the heck...enjoy today's SPECIAL discount on our double album 'Out Of The Freakshow,'

20th anniversary The Mirror World Dimension
This month in 1997 we've released our debut CD 'The Mirror World Dimension'. The 20th anniversary will be celebrated with a 20% discount on our complete range of products using vouchercode: TMWD1997 (not valid on vinyl during the Record Store Day: April 22, 2017)

The debut CD is out of print, but we do have a few first pressings available!!

The original 1997 release poster and artwork was made by Martijn Busink.

New video released - "Afraid To Bleed"
Today a new video from our album 'Out of the Freakshow,' has been released! This 9 minutes and 9 seconds during video features Lisette van den Berg (Scarlet Stories) on amazing guest vocals! The video was filmed and edited by Tom de Wit from The Inmagineering Suite and it contains footage shot during Ingeborg Steenhorst's Freak Chique Fashion show at Femme Female Metal Event in Effenaar, Eindhoven. 

Vocalist Legrand about the lyrics:
"If you're Afraid to Bleed for whatever thoughts you might have that's not according to or differs from whatever you were made to believe.
Act like you're tough to, and be as the ones before you. Don't question or doubt, just do as your told. Or they will cut you down."

IO Pages Prog Award 2016
Our latest album 'Out Of The Freakshow' is nominated for the IO Pages Prog Award 2016!
We are honoured to be recognized among the other amazing nine nominees, among them are the albums released by Sebas Honing, Epica and The Aurora Project.

The iO Pages music magazine is devoted to progressive rock and all its related genres such as electronic music, jazzrock, progmetal, progressive pop, spacerock and psychedelic rock. The magazine is written in Dutch and is available by subscription only.

ProgFrog Festival 2017
We are happy to announce that we are added to the ProgFrog Festival line-up in October 2017! The festival will be held in Nieuwerkerk and tickets are now available.
Other bands already confirmed are The Aurora Project (NL), Il Castello di Atlante (IT), Light Damage (LUX) and The Sunpilots (AUS)!

It's all about helping friends!
You can hear our bassist Michel Steenbekkers playing bass on SCENARIO II's forthcoming album 'A New Dawn'. And to help out our friends even more we will also support and promote their Release Show on March 18 in POPEI!

Happy greetings from Cirrha Niva! 
We wish all you followers, fans, friends, freaks and beyond a Merry Xmas, Prettige Kerstdagen, Joyeux Noël, Feliz Navidad, Fröhliche Weihnachten, Buon Natale, Nadolig Llawen, Hristos Razdajetsja, Wesolych Swiat, Gledelig Jul, Merii Kurisumasu, Nollaig Shona Dhuit, Eftihismena Christougenna & Milad Mubarak And a Happy New Year!

Live footage on YouTube 
ErhanLiveMetal created some cool live footage compilation from our show as supportact for Blind Guardian.Thanx Erhan! All who were there: Thanks for your support!

December 07
New show announced: Rock Of Ages Festival
After 7,5 years we will return to Aalten to headline the Rock Of Ages Festival on March 04 2017. Complete line-up and details will follow shortly!  

December 02
New video released - "Time is a wonderful thing"
Today a new video from our album 'Out of the Freakshow,' has been released! This heavy but catchy bastard is entitled 'Time' and comes with all the freaky lyrics written by vocalist Legrand. So everybody sing a long!

November 22
Snoozecontrol pt2 - Album review 'Out Of The Freakshow,' (in Dutch)
Quote: "This record deserves a chance. We were impressed. Deeply impressed." The review is available for all to see on the Snoozecontrol website, our Pinterest and our EPK.

November 20
Snoozecontrol pt1 - interview (in Dutch)
Fresh new interview with our guitarist Rob Willemse who spoke with the Belgium webzine Snoozecontrol. Read all 1.765 words and you'll be up-to date!!
Check it out on our Pinterest of go to the Snoozecontrol website by clicking here!

"De bladen en magazines zijn positief over het album en geven gemiddeld een dikke 8 aan het album. Er zijn uitschieters die een 10 geven en er zijn er gelukkig maar een of twee die het album inderdaad te weinig gehoord hebben, of erger nog; met de FF knoop het album gerecenseerd hebben, maar die nemen we voor lief."

November 11
Supporting Blind Guardian
One month to go!! Get your tix at OR use vouchercode GUARDIAN in our shop when you purchase a CD, the LP or a Shirt!
We will raffle few tix amoung the orders!

November 09
Bonavox interviewed Cirrha Niva
Guitarist Rob Willemse spoke with metal webzine Bonavox about the new album, the reviews, the gigs and much more! Read all about here!

"I started playing after borrowing a guitar from a friend at the age of 16. I returned the guitar shortly after because I didn’t like playing it, just couldn’t do it. After a year or so I borrowed it again and gave it a second chance…this time I had more patience."

October 25
"The Netherlands' best kept secret"

This quote comes from the Canadian webzine Bravewords who reviewed 'Out of the Freakshow' and rewarded the album with 8 out of 10 points! Proud again! For those who want to read all brave words written: just click here.

October 10
15th Ann. Liaison de la Morte = 15% discount on Liaison de la Morte

This month, 15 years ago we released our Rock-Opera 'Liaison de la Morte'.

To celebrate this release we'd like to give a 15% discount on all our Liaison de la Morte items...shirts, prints and of course the album itself. To take benefits of this offer simply use the voucher code LIAISON in our shop. Valid until Halloween 2016!

October 04
Freak Chique Trailer
Check out the trailer of next Sunday's show. We will again support Ingeborg Steenhorst's fashion show with music from our album 'Out of the Freakshow,'. 

September 30
Interview on Lords Of Metal
Guitarist Carlo Heefer is being interviewed by metalzine Lords Of Metal and this interview has now been published. So check it out!

’Out Of The Freak Show’ is a diverse, strong and steady album. The band of course spent quite some time with the material before actually recording it. Looking and hearing back; are you satisfied with the end result? 
First of all: Thanks for the compliment! We’re very happy with the outcome. You know, when you record an album for a big part yourself there will always be things you hear and ask yourself ‘shouldn’t we have done this’ or ‘wouldn’t this have been’. But in the end what matters is you make a decision and act so the album gets done. READ MORE>>>

September 27
First image Second Freak Chique show
Here is a first picture of the Freak Chique show shot by Wendy Steenmans. Just enough for now to get you all in the mood for the second show at W2, 's-Hertogenbosch at October 09. More pics on our Pinterest!

September 26
Second Freak Chique show with Cirrha Niva - tickets available HERE!

After a succesful show during FemMe Metal Event and to reinforce the 10th anniversary of fashion designer Ingeborg Steenhorst, the 'FREAK CHIQUE' fashion show will be held for a second time on October 9th during an extended show at venue W2 Poppodium in 's-Hertogenbosch (NL).

Video screens on which video animations by Tom de Wit from The Engineering Suite are shown will again accompany the show, while Lisette van den Berg from Scarlet Stories who features on Cirrha Niva’s new album 'Out of the Freakshow,’ will join the band during the songs Dreamon and Afraid To Bleed. Laura Guldemond from power metalband Shadowrise will join Lisette during Dreamon! 

Besides the fashion show in W2 Poppodium there will be a semi acoustic aftershow with performances of the bands Blackbriar, Rosewood (with singer Laura Guldemond), Snake Love Bite (with singer Micky Huijsmans) and Scarlet Stories! This jubilee exhibition with Cirrha Niva on stage and a pop-up designer store is going to be very special. SEE YOU THERE!


September 19
Cirrha Niva will play at Tattoo Winter Fest 2017
On a probably cold Saturday early 2017 we will gig the Tattoofest winteredition in Nijverdal! More than 5 years ago we also had the prevelidge to rock the fest and we are happy to be back again next year! Date: January 28.

September 10
For Moments Never Done - 7 years young
Although we are into promoting our newest album 'Out Of The Freakshow', we do like to memorize the release of it's predecessor this month seven years ago: 'For Moments Never Done'.
We know, we could do this every year and seven is not special, not like seven-and-a-half or anything, but we do it anyway:)

And just like back then in 2009 you can get the album AND get a FREE band-longsleeve as a BONUS! Use one of these vouchercodes (indicating the desired size) to get your free shirt along with whatever you order: SHIRTM, SHIRTL, SHIRTXL (minimum order value: €9,98)

This was the moving banner we used seven years ago, just for the fun of it:

September 08
Occultfest pictures online
Some very nice pictures are shot during our Hoogeveen gig at the 15th Ann. of Occultfest! These photo's below are shot by Elsabijn Fotografie. Click here for more images taken by Elsebijn and David Pieterse.

August 29
New Review and Upcoming gigs!!
Our new album has been rewarded with some BIG 8 Points by the German StreetClip TV. You can read the review here. If you want to read all reviews so far, just click here.

And next Friday September 02 we will play at Occultfest in Hoogeveen! Our showtime is sceduled from 8.45 PM until 9.35 PM. Hope to catch you all!!

August 07
Interview on Zware
An interview with guitarist Carlo Heefer can be read on the Dutch metalwebzine Zware You can read it here or you can go to our Pinterest and read it there. Either case: Happy reading!

August 03
Cirrha Niva confirms Occultfest
After six too long years we will return to the Occultfest stage! On Friday September 02 we will play a 50 minute set.

July 30
Interview on
Read all about it, every bandmember has something to say in this Dutch language written RockMuzine interview. 
Check it out here!

July 28
Thank you Progwereld!

Progwereld is the ultimate Dutch website when it comes to progressive and symphonic rock. They try to cover as wide a spectrum of music as possible, sometimes pushing the boundaries of the progressive genre and ended our album review with these very fine words: "Out Of The Freakshow is an excellent album!"

July 23
Special offer in our shop!
This weekend only you are able to get the 'Out Of The Freakshow,' Digipak CD & album Cover T-Shirt for a very special price. This offer is valid until Sunday July 24, 23:59 CET. Check it out!

July 22
PitKings review ★★★★☆

We quote: 

"This is a band that gets better and better by every album they make. ‘Out Of The Freakshow’ brings you music in the way of bands like Rush, Sanctuary and Queensryche. And it doesn’t get boring for one second!"

To read the words click on their logo. To read ALL reviews so far, click here.

July 19
ProgCore Radio Montreal broadcasts 'Out of the Freakshow,'!
Our album 'Out of the Freakshow,' will be played in its entirety on Canadian Radio next Thursday July 21 at 7PM Eastern Daylight Time. M
ind the timezone: UTC + 4hours (!) Click on the banner to listen!


July 18
Special offer with FREE CD!
Our 3-CD package containing the most recent albums 'Out Of The Freakshow', 'For Moments Never Done' & the rock-opera 'Liaison De la Morte' are now available in our shop for €19,99 all toghether! That's indeed one album for FREE!

 Out Of The Freakshow For Moments Never Done  Liaison De La Morte


July 14
New video 'From Ego'
The second video from our new album 'Out of the Freakshow,' has been released! It's a vid from the second track of the album and it's titled 'From Ego'. The live footage shown in the video was shot during the album presentation in venue W2 in The Netherlands.

June 24
Cirrha Niva provides live music for fashion shows
We are responsible for live music during Ingeborg Steenhorst's 'FREAK CHIQUE' fashion show. We will perform in outfits and styling made by the designer and we will play songs from our recent album 'Out of the Freakshow,'. All songs during the catwalk presentation are re-arranged and made suitable for models to walk on. We will play songs that we've never played live before and we will play the full length version of 'Just Another Legacy' which we also have never done live before!

This year, the couture atelier of fashion designer Ingeborg Steenhorst celebrates its first decade. On Sunday, September 25th she presents her new collection 'FREAK CHIQUE’ with a large-scale catwalk show in Effenaar Eindhoven during 'female orientated 'rock event FemMe. To reinforce this 10th anniversary the designer presents the fashion show for a second time on October 9th during an extended show at venue W2 Poppodium in her hometown 's-Hertogenbosch. Besides the fashion show she treats the present audience at W2 Poppodium on a semi acoustic after-show program with various guest musicians, a jubilee exhibition and pop-up designer store.

June 21
Interview with frontman Legrand in Dutch Aardschok Magazine
Issue #7 of this magazine is now available in the kiosk!

June 02
"This album proves that Cirrha Niva is one of the better bands in the Netherlands"
These words are not ours, but we are happy we can quote Festival Info on this! The Dutch webzine reviewed our new album and rewarded it with 4,5 out of the maximum of 5 points! You can see it for yourself in Dutch or English

May 28
Give away's
At this moment you'll get a free set of Cirrha Niva tarot cards and a free sticker with every order placed in our shop, just for the fun of it! 


May 21
Maximum review score 5 out of 5! 
An Ubercool review on the Dutch webzine Keys & Chords was written by reviewer Danny Focke! He rated 'Out of the Freakshow,' with the MAXIMUM score of 5 out of 5! You can read the review here in English as well as in Dutch. You can also check it (in Dutch) out on their webzine by clicking on their logo!

May 14
Voucher code!  
We have a special treat! By using the voucher code FREAKSHOW in our the webshop you’ll get a 5 euro discount on your order if it contains an ‘Out Of The Freakshow,’ CD, LP or TS!!

April 14
Today our new album will be released! It will be distributed by Soniq Rendezvous/Bertus.
We also have a 
new webshop where you can safely pay by using iDeal, MrCash, Paypal, Sofortbanking and Payment in advance!!

April 08
First reviews online!!  
The Freakshow is on the road and the first reviews can be found online. Starting with a 9 out of 10 given by the Danish Power of Metal! 

April 01
Single I Guess on YouTube  
We have just released our first lyrical video! The song is called I Guess, taken from the upcoming album ‘Out Of The Freakshow,”. The video was made by Tom de Wit from The Imagineering Suite. 



March 20
Free Listen on Soundcloud: Preview - Out of the Freakshow,  
Listen to a nearly 9 minute PREVIEW from our new album - Out Of The Freakshow, - which will be released on April 14, 2016 as CD-Digipak and Gatefold 180g Double black vinyl. Listen HERE, enjoy!

March 04, 2016
New song on Spotify! 
We have just released the first single from our upcoming album on Spotify! You can listen to it by clicking on the single album cover below!

February 26, 2016
Pre-sales started! 
You can now pre-order your copy of ‘Out Of The Freakshow,’ in our webshop! We will send out all orders prior to the official releasedate and we will add a little extra to it, might be a signed photo, might be poster..who knows?
‘Out Of The Freakshow,’ will be available as a 3-panel digipak CD with a 16 page full colour booklet including all lyrics and creepy artwork!
We also have the new album available in a gatefold album sleeve containing double black 180-gram vinyl LP’s, with full colour printed inner sleeves! So choose your copy.

February 19
Release date announced , album cover revealed! 
Our new album - Out Of The Freakshow, - will be released on April 14, 2016! It contains eight tracks with a total playing time of 56 minutes and will be available as CD-Digipack and Gatefold 180g Double black vinyl. 

Psychotic Waltz frontman Devon Graves, Scarlet Stories singer Lisette van den Berg, Theater Equation keyboardist Erik van Ittersum and last but not least drummer and interim bandmember Nathanael Taekema appear on the album as our guests! 

We will share the first track early March and simultaneously launch the presale on our website! And yes, the album should also be available in your local store as it can be ordered at Bertus/Sonic Rendezvous through JBM Distribution.
More detailed info can be found on our 
music page

January 21, 2016
Album ready for pressing! 
Split Second Sound Studio finished the mixing and mastering of our new album! This means that cd’s and vinyl will be pressed soon. The release show will probably take place in April, in The Netherlands. We will share more info as soon as it’s confirmed. Stay tuned.

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